Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Moche decapitator god

This is one of my horror characters (yes, I have quite a few...). I sculpted it some 7 years ago while I still lived in Sao Paulo and somehow, I never got to paint it until I sold all my figures to my friend Fernando Paz, in Belo Horizonte for some hard cash. A good reason to finish them...
This thing portrays "Ai-Apaec", the decapitator deity of the Peruvian Moche culture. Not much is known about this civilization, except that they were pretty naughty & perverted and ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY  LOVED to decapitate and skin their sacrificial victims, drinking their blood and de-fleshing their corpses afterwards. All this, in tribute to Ai-Apaec, their god, usually represented as a spider (8 legs...) wearing a neat-o necklace of human heads, a sacrificial blade in one hand and a severed head in the other. Just your regular family guy...
I decided to go the "were the gods astronauts?" path with this one. I just love the contrast between the dark arrogant looking alien and the fresh heads. The base is still WIP and will feature 4 cristal skulls, kindly cast in clear resin by my friend Eduardo Howaldt from Sao Paulo. Ok, I know that these skulls are usually related to some other Mexican cultures, but I couldn't resist using them... blame me!
Here it is in all its gory glory:
a long time ago in far away galaxy...

first paint...

going for the full monty!


  1. E ai Steven! Só imagino o pesadelo q vc teve pra esculpir esse alienigena!! ficou duka!!

  2. i'd always heard the golden blades on the priests foreheads and crotches were there to protect them from the radiation from the decapitators ships