Thursday, September 2, 2010

Assault with a deadly weapon!

As described in earlier postings, the turrtless Sturmgeschütz III type tanks were a typical German design. With a very low profile, they were initially designated as fire support for the advancing soldiers and as war progressed, these tanks received more armor and better performing main guns. As such they became formidable tank destroyers. Today it is widely accepted that a larger percentage of all destroyed enemy tanks in Russia between 1943 and 1945 are actually attributed to the Sturmgeschütz battallions. The successfull performance of this weapon on all fronts, prompted an increased production and by the end of WWII over 8000 stugs had been delivered. This, in turn, motivated the Allies to increase their bombing raids over German territory and in late 1943 the facilities that produced the chassis for the Stug III was heavily damaged. As an interim solution the superstructure with the gun was mounted with a couple of addaptions on the chassis of the Panzer IV, resulting in the equally deadly Stug IV (it's that very first model I posted here on this blog!).
The model presented here is the final version of its lineage, the Stug III ausf G "späte Fertigung" (late production). it's a Dragon model, formerly produced in the late 80's by Japanese firm Gunze Sangyo. Although a bit aged, it is still a very good and precise kit that builds into a very accurate replica of the real thing. The model received a couple of improvements, like the gun crutch at the front, new hatch detail and the stowage fence in the back, a feature present in most photos of these vehicles.
The model depicts one of the tanks that fought a desperate and vicious battle against overwhelming odds at Seelow heights, some 60km from the gates of Berlin

a little Photoshop play

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