Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to some older stuff / Um pouco de velharia

I took the oportunity of a well lit saturday morning to shoot a couple of pictures of some old stuff in my collection. The subject is TAMIYA's superb rendition of the russian built 7,62cm anti-tank gun mounted on the czech type 38  tank carriage. The troop's designation was  simply Panzerjäger Marder. Although highly effective, it was a interim solution at best and the crew fought on top of it completely unprotected. Despite the poor armour, 344 of these vehicles were produced and delivered to the german army between april and october 1942 and many were still in action by 1944.

Aproveitando uma manhã de sábado bem iluminada, tirei algumas fotos de modelos antigos na minha coleção. O modelo aqui é o maravilhoso Marder III da TAMIYA, consistindo em um canhão anti-tanque 7,62cm russo montado sobre o tanque tcheco 38. Apesar de eficiente era uma solução improvisada para dar utilidade a canhões capturados disponiveis aos milhares e ao obsoleto 38(t). Ainda que sua tripulação combatesse praticamente desprotegida, 344 desses veículos foram fabricados e entregues às tropas alemãs entre abril e outubro de 1944. Muitos ainda estavam em ação em 1944.


  1. Luv the entire Marder line! This one is especially nice Steve-o. Clean build, excellent color variation, fantastic weathering. Everything they ought to be!!!!
    Keep 'em coming, well worth looking forward to.


  2. Hi Dale!
    thanks for the kind words! I have only TRISTAR's Marder left to be built now. Right now I'm in a Sherman rush, but that can't last forever, right?
    I really love all the open top german tanks, so Marders, Nashorns and Hummels are allway high on my to-do list. Stay tuned...

  3. Hey Steven,
    Will be looking forward to your Tristar Marder build!! Always looked at trying one but stuck with the manufacturers I've known such as Dragon, Italeri and such.
    A Sherman rush? Boy do I know how that feels, lol. I've got one about 90% complete and lost momentum...
    Looking forward to more posts from you, staying tuned.