Monday, August 30, 2010

...and it's getting even weirder!

Those of you, who are my age, will probably remember one cool  animated cartoon show by Hannah Barbera in the early 70's, called "The wacky races". In Brazil it ran under the name "Corrida Maluca" and if I'm correct, it still hits the tv screens at Cartoon Network nowadays. Boy, I loved those freaky cars and obviously I was a huge fan of Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley's Army Surplus Special 6 halftrack ("Carro Tanque do Sargento Bombada" - in Brazil).

I think HB won't mind me posting this picture - found googling the Net
 This bugger presented here is a personal interpretation of this cartoon-mobile, a tribute if you will, and I did it in paralel with the other car model, just two posts down. Likewise, I used the same 1/43rd scale Fiat Punto die cast toy car by Norev. Dozens of leftover parts of my spares box were used here as well. Those familiar with armor models, will surely recognize many of them. This is my first real W.I.P. thread and I will post the evolution as I work along on it. 

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