Friday, August 6, 2010

...And now for something completely different... 2

 This is a 1/18th scale 1953 Chevy pick up from Welly Toys. I stripped it completely of its original gloss red paint job using brake fluid. The cleaned parts were then rid of mould parting lines and casting marks. The metal is quite hard, so a set of good quality watchmaker files were necessary to do the job.

 The fenderbender marks and deeper scratches were done with a Dremel motortool . 

After priming, I painted it completely in different rust tones. I then applied small droplets of water all around it with a fine brush. Salt was then sprinkled over it. The salt stuck to the water droplets, creating a natural paint mask. I let it dry over night and painted the white and blue paintjob the following day. Then, I just had to wash the salt off and Voilá: Where the salt had been, the rust was now shining through. I just enhanced the rust marks with slight rain marks done with my airbrush. 

The Towing rig was done from plastic plate and parts from my spares box. The wooden  parts are again, popsicle sticks, aged with artist oil paints and pastel chalks. Notice the worn down tires. I’m planning to make it a little dirtier and dustier. A scenery of an old gas station is also planned but way back in the pipeline. 


  1. This one I remember! can feel the smell of mud and the rust! remarkable artist!

  2. AWESOME!!!
    You're the man, STEVE-O.