Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It wasn’t easy for me to start this blog...
After all I’m 42 and usually don’t even come to terms with my TV remote control, let alone my cell phone, so I had to persuade a friend of mine to help me out with this. Thanks Mozer, you rock!
After seeing so many nice blogs out here, I knew I had to do one of my own. As you will guess from the title, what you will basically find here are pictures and descriptions of  my tank models and their real world full scale counterparts.
With all the horrible events that took place during WWII and other equally terrifying things happening in Iraq and Afghanistan for almost a decade now, some will ask: why military vehicles???
Well, to make things straight: I’m not a warmonger and building German tank models doesn’t make me Nazi.
So if you’re coming here, hoping to find “brown-brained”, right wing, neo-fascistic B.S discussions about Hitler and his peers, please make yourself a favour and beat it.
German tank design simply looks cooler and they have that “bad guy” feeling to them, which doesn’t mean I won’t do American or Russian armor as well. Some modern armor models are also planned. In time I will post all of them here.
If this explanation isn’t convincing enough, go to a museum and place yourself next to a 50 ton steel Behemoth and I’m sure you will now what I’m talking about.
I hope you enjoy your stay and please, feel free to comment on my works or the blog itself!



  1. Good morning Steve, it's a pleasure make some comments about this marvelous machines, I imagine that a comment about a Germany motor of the famous Focke-Wulf Fw 190, "don't screw up this, we don't known make another !" it's aptly so many times. The Germans Panzer are a great example of knowledge and durability, also 60 years later. Later we will discuss about some technical definitions and strategy of this "heavy ladies" ?

  2. ZEH!!!!!!!!! Good see you here!!! As you are always an inspiration for me, I'll give you a painting of a Panzer, (in my sci-fi vision, of course)as a wellcome gift, if you allow me. Wait and see...
    Love you man!!!

    Your brother,

  3. HHHeeeeyyy Steven!!!
    Good to see U here to!
    I still have the Tiger you gave me!
    That's amazing!

    We miss U a lot man!


  4. Some real nice models mate and what a kit collection. Keep it up.....all of it!!