Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some not so old stuff...

I told you guys that I do some Allied stuff as well. So here’s one for a change: 
This is the 52ton heavy  Kliment Voroshilov 1-C, a typical example of early Russian tank architecture. Very rudimentary, crude and simple, in terms of production quality, a tendency the Russians maintained throughout the entire conflict, everything on it transcends primitiveness. Although they were big, well armored and menacing looking, they were slow and cumbersome, which made them easy prey for the German anti-tank artillery.    
The model is made by the Chinese producer Trumpeter and as you will notice from the WIP picture, it was built with a few improvements, like the cast texture on the turret, homemade stowage lockers & fuel drums and the air intake grills. Enjoy!

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  1. Arrombaaaduuuuuuuu u u uuuuuu uuuu (ao som de Joãozinho Rios, tb conhecido com Johnny Rivers)