Sunday, August 22, 2010

Breakthrough weapon - start of a successful design

If there is a unique design that separates German tanks apart from all other nations involved in WWII, it must be the turretless Sturmgeschütz series. Developed way before the beginning of the war, its main task was that of supporting the advancing soldiers and to provide them with firepower, especially when confronted with fortified enemy positions and bunkers. The sleek, low slung, turretless silluette provided a small target to enemy Pak teams, ideal for its missions. As war progressed across Europe, the German army had to face an ever increasing number of enemy tanks, mainly soviet T 34 and the role of troop-fire-supporter changed into that of Germany's most important tank destroyer. The model seen here is the Sturmgeschütz III ausf B, the second version of the family wich fullfilled the primary task described above. It's quite an old model made by Dragon and is still very accurate and well thought out. Built some 5 years ago, I added all of the weld beads with epoxi putty and other small detail like fender flaps made from alluminum foil, electrical wirings  and hatch locking mechanisms.

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