Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Modelling madnessssssssssss!!!

The madness involving our hobby of collecting and building model kits, ends up creating a very peculiar sideshow phenomenon...
Dedicated modellers REALLY WANT their collection complete at all costs. Most of us will probably die, having more than half of our collection stowed away on our shelves still unbuilt.
I am no exception to this, with a current collection of 45 finished models and some 120 still in their boxes.
Taking one single picture of my "to be built" collection was impossible, so I stitched three pictures together, resulting in a bit distorted image, but that will probably give you a notion of what a goooood kit collection  is supposed to look like. And... I AM planning to build them ALL.
More experienced modellers will notice that the majority of my stash are Dragon models. The reason is simple:
- excellence of detail
- building enjoyment
- great choice and diversity of subjects
What else could we want?

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  1. CARA.... VC É MALUCO!!!!! rs
    Tem kit ai pra umas 3 vidas.... PQP!!!
    É um jubernauta mesmo!!!!!