Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old stuff of a young war...

The wounds surrounding the 1990's conflict in former Yugoslavia are finally beginning to heal. But the ghastly sounds and images of  burning Srebrenica and fleeing civilians in exodus will remain for decades.
NATO and UN forces played a vital part in pacifying the region. The Warrior IFV  (Infantry  Fighting Vehicle) was a common sight in the Balkans at the time. Many of these vehicles had been shipped to their destination, painted in a plain white UN scheme. This bright color however, was a perfect way to draw the attention of insurgent snipers and anti-tank teams. It didn't take long before British crews overpainted the white vehicles in the traditional Olive green & Black camo scheme.
The model is made by the Korean manufacturer Academy and was subjected to a lot of "cosmetical surgery" to have more correct looking proportions. A lot of work really, but the end result was worth it. Notice the white paint showing through scratches and chipmarks everywhere.

See? I even do modern armor ;-)

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